Welcome to my blog. This is the page where I tell you why you should care about what I write, while simultaneously appearing humble/likable enough to identify with.

I am a PhD student in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. My scientific interests include molecular neuroscience, pharmacology, blood, and epigenetics. In addition to my primary research, I love talking to non-scientists about science and trying to make complex topics more accessible. If you have biological questions or topics you’d like to see an article on, you can contact me in the form below!

My other interests include performative arts, music, culture, good food and good people. While many of my posts may be opinionated you will find that my views resist classification. That means you’re probably going to agree with some of the things I say and you’ll almost definitely disagree with some of them, but let’s be honest, if you wanted to read a circle jerk of opinions with which you agree, you’d be on Facebook.


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