Sometimes I feel like people have this grandiose idea about what their life is and what it’s meant to be. They are unsatisfied because they haven’t found their calling or their life isn’t like they see on TV with a perfect family or a job that they are really good at and love and the best of friends surrounding them. I think this is the root of sadness or even ennui for people my age (mid 20s). For many people, their 20s are darker and full of more melancholy than they expected. I see more and more that my friends are unsatisfied, they are longing for something. For me, I have plenty to be stressed about or anxious over, but I don’t really think that this chasm between my life and my expectations for my life contribute as much. In the end it feels like, if you can just be a good person and treat others well, be compassionate and seek truth, then it doesn’t matter too much what your station in life is. Unless you are truly struggling to survive, of course. I’m not completely satisfied with what I have, but I am happy with it. Once you really pay attention to the amazing expanse and the grand nature of every little moment spent existing and experiencing other entities dealing with their own existence (are you there Kierkegaard?), your life ain’t half bad.

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