Opinions at Gunpoint

One of the biggest problems I see with my generation, although it is not a poison exclusive to us, is that we are too ready to enforce our opinions at gunpoint. Of course, I’m not talking about holding the gun ourselves, since boldness and willpower often depart us. One thing I think people don’t really realize is that, if you decide you are in favor of a law, you are in favor of forcing everyone else to obey what you think is right at gunpoint, or else face imprisonment. As someone who certainly isn’t an anarchist, I know that there are many laws that are absolutely necessary. I would argue that, yes, the US government should try to force people not to murder people other than themselves. However, there are so many laws which exist or which people want to exist which seem really not worth taking away someone else’s freedom over. I think that our generation is uniquely self-indulgent, and that it is hard for us to understand the difference between “I support this decision” and “I think everyone in this country should be forced to make this decision too.”

In the end I think that just means that we rely too much on government, and that we have too little faith in people. I’m just as sardonically misanthropic as the next millennial, but I don’t believe that the only way to live in harmony is to sacrifice the level of personal freedoms that we seem readily willing to do.


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