What We Talk About When We Talk About Sex (Teaser)

Hey all. Below is a teaser for an upcoming article I’m currently writing. I’ve always been interested in this topic so I’m finally getting a chance to reach out to some experts and write a short piece on it!

The ways that societies have constructed gender and gender identity have been undergoing change perhaps since the dawn of man. The concept of biological sex, however, has remained relatively static comparatively. That is, until recently. New research and syntheses of older work have, of late, lead us to a more complex understanding of sex. Is it time for science to follow identity politics and do away with the M/F binary? What have our anatomy, physiology, and genetics been hiding from us? In talking about the proverbial birds and bees, have we blinded ourselves to the penguins, kangaroos, octopuses and gorillas in the room? 


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